Congratulations!  C is correct. Oops!  The correct answer is C.

the challenge of matching 12 golden anniversary cards with 12 wedding pictures all at once!

The game comes with two sets of cards and game boards.  Two teams of up to 12 people can compete to see who gets the most correct matches.  Divide your guests into male and female, young and old, bride's family vs. groom's, or just at random and let the matching begin!

More about game contents and how it's played
You Haven't Changed a Bit is perfect if you are ...
hosting a bridal shower, or attending one and need a gift.
planning an anniversary party, or looking for a fun anniversary gift for parents, relatives, or friends..
thinking about a gift for a couple you know that recently got engaged or is planning a wedding.
hosting a party with friends where you want some fun entertainment.

Here is a mini-version to test your skill.

Which wedding photo below matches the golden anniversary picture and story of Mr.  and Mrs.  Champagne on the right?  Click on the photo of your choice to see the answer.
CHAMPAGNE.  June 21, 1941. 

Right after they married, he was drafted and left to fight in World War II. To make ends meet during the time he was away, she drove a forklift. 

He was a patient man who never lost his temper, a trait she appreciated because she had grown up in a turbulent household.  She says his calm demean never changed in more than fifty years together. 

Their philosophy of marriage: Each must give 100%.  Sometimes, when one can only give 25%, the other must provide what is needed for both -- 175%. 

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